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Ultrafloor Contract Flooring Products - Sub-Flooring


At FineLine Flooring we take great pride in our work and as preparation is key to the success of any flooring installation, we choose suppliers of the sub-flooring preparation products we use very carefully.

We choose to partner with Instarmac, the manufacturer of UltraFloor products, as it provides a full range of quality contract flooring solutions for commercial and industrial sectors.

From smoothing underlayments, repair and finishing compounds, primer and products for moisture protection, UltraFloor’s range is widely used in sub-floor preparation in both commercial and industrial applications.

The UltraFloor product range:

Smoothing Underlayments

A range of single and two-part polymer modified smoothing underlayments suitable for all commercial flooring applications

Repair & Finishing Compounds

A comprehensive range of high strength and rapid drying repair compounds which complement the range of smoothing underlayments.

Moisture Protection

A range of products designed to provide protection against subfloor moisture


A primer designed to promote the adhesion of UltraFloor smoothing underlayments to porous and non-porous substrates and multi-purpose adhesive for fixing a variety of floor fittings

All sub-floor preparation and floor covering installation works by FineLine Flooring are carried out in accordance with British standards.

We can provide basic to advanced methods of sub-floor preparation. Preparation will be correct for the materials we use and the building floor.

You can feel reassured that your commercial flooring investment will be a good one when UltraFloor sub-flooring products are used and applied correctly. Success is in the preparation!

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