Commercial LVT safety flooring

Have you been taking your flooring for granted? Do you ever consider how stylish, comfortable or safe it is?

There’s so much value to be gained from adding style and substance to the flooring in a commercial environment.

Safety comes first

In these difficult times, let’s take a look at the safety aspect of your flooring. First of all, is it slip-proof and free from trip hazards? If not, that’s easily fixed.

There’s a vast range of safety flooring options available that will ensure your commercial enterprise adheres to the latest safety regulations.

Next, should you be using your flooring to help with signage? In these times of Covid, it’s imperative that social distancing is maintained. Using customised flooring is a simple way to guide your customers and staff in the right direction.

And if you’re worried about the expense of something that may be temporary, carpet tiles offer the perfect solution. You can change individual tiles as required, rather than having to replace all your flooring.

Style is next on the list

Although safety is a priority when it comes to commercial flooring, you don’t have to skimp on style. There are a huge variety of flooring solutions to choose from, and one of the most versatile of these is luxury vinyl flooring.

The latest luxury vinyl tile flooring offers a host of safety features – and comes in a vast array of styles. For instance, you can have vinyl that looks exactly like real wood or stone flooring.

Because vinyl is of a multi-layer construction, it’s tough enough to be used in the most demanding of environments. And as the design is printed onto the film layer, which has a clear wear-layer on top, it doesn’t fade over time.

Comfort is another factor that sometimes gets forgotten, but we have a range of stylish solutions that are soft and supportive underfoot.

Use your flooring to enhance your brand

Have you ever considered flooring as a marketing tool? Well, it can be if you customise your floor design.

There are a number of ways to do this, from bespoke carpet tiles to high-tech printed vinyl. Simply using your corporate colour scheme in your flooring will reinforce your brand identity to your customers.

You can take this one step further by having your signature patterns or brand logos printed on your flooring. Using the latest technology, we can take your images and have them printed onto a range of different flooring materials.

Carpet tiles, vinyl and linoleum can be customised with your organisation’s brand or logo. Floor branding is a highly affordable and very effective way to bring your corporate identity to life.

What combination would you like?

Safety, style, comfort and corporate identity can all be enhanced in a bespoke flooring solution.

At FineLine Flooring, we’ve helped organisations across the commercial, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors find their perfect flooring. Just let us know which factors are important to you, and we can provide you with a choice of floorings solutions that will fit the bill.

Would you like to know more about our creative flooring solutions?

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