Safety Flooring in Hampshire

In busy working environments, it’s the responsibility of every organisation to ensure employees are safe, and the risk of injury is minimal.

The type of flooring you use plays a big part in this, as trips and falls are the most common type of workplace injury. Fortunately, there’s now a wide range of safety flooring and non-slip flooring that’s been specially developed to tackle this problem.

Why safety flooring is a priority

In specific industrial environments, where goods are being manufactured, spillages can be a common occurrence. Also, commercial kitchens carry a high risk of grease and detergent spillages.

In these high-pressure, high-traffic areas, non-slip flooring is vital.

Nowadays, the manufacture of safety flooring uses state of the art production techniques to create a texture that can repel workplace contaminants – whether oil or water-based.

Many new flooring products come with a slip resistance guarantee. They’re also hardwearing and stain-resistant because they’ve been developed to withstand a high amount of wear and tear as well as extreme temperatures.

Where safety flooring should be used

As mentioned, tough commercial and industrial environments like factories and large-scale catering operations need non-slip flooring.

But there are also a number of other workplaces that incur equally high risks of trips and slips. For example, hospitals, nursing homes and veterinary surgeries are busy environments with people and trolleys moving around on a continuous basis.

In leisure centres and schools, colleges and universities, there’s also a constant footfall day in, day out. In these busy places, a lot of pressure is put on the flooring. As a consequence, floors can become worn and uneven underfoot.

Appropriate safety products, including non-slip flooring, should be used in these demanding surroundings to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

The latest, most innovative safety flooring products

At FineLine Flooring, we offer a range of non-slip safety flooring from leading manufacturers, including Altro Flooring and Polyflor.

Altro Safety Flooring products are designed to be fitted in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, changing rooms, storerooms and clinical areas. Their PVC flooring has a highly efficient, non-slip vinyl coating designed to cope with the toughest demands.

Polyflor is a leading international supplier of safety flooring. Their Polysafe range includes sustainable slip resistance flooring that conforms to HSE Guidelines and EN 13845. Polysafe safety vinyl has a patented construction with slip-resistant grains throughout the wear layer. This gives a durable surface that’s slip-resistant for the life of the flooring. This hard-wearing product is often used in commercial, educational, healthcare, public and industrial sectors.

Tarkett provides Safetred Universal Safety Floors specifically designed for areas that present a high risk of slips or falls. Their anti-slip grip gives a high level of protection while the reinforced surface protects against stains.

Would you like to know more about our safety flooring solutions?

FineLine Flooring specialises in the supply and installation of safety flooring and non-slip flooring to commercial and industrial sectors covering Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

We offer a range of non-slip flooring from leading brands such as Altro Flooring, Polyflor and Tarkett in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Our flooring installers are all CSCS registered and monitored to the highest standards. We meet all health and safety guidelines and are fully covered for commercial and employer’s liability insurance.

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