Upgrade your commercial flooring

Whether you are looking to upgrade your office flooring, re-fit a retail outlet or replace flooring in a heavy traffic space, new commercial flooring can really enhance your environment, and your brand.

Replacing a commercial floorcovering may seem like a big under-taking, but as new technologies and processes in commercial flooring have evolved, flooring quality and durability has greatly improved, which means you are getting much better value from your flooring investment than you would have done 10 years ago.

Installation times have also greatly reduced as a result of the move towards lean construction and prefabrication of materials, so we are able to keep any down-time needed to a minimum.

Is your flooring becoming a safety concern?

Flooring in the workplace must be suitable for the type of work activity taking place on it and it needs to be in good condition and free from obstructions so people are able to move around safely.

You will need to ensure your floorcoverings in around the workplace comply with HSE guidelines. Different areas will require a different spec of floorcovering.

For example a commercial kitchen, restaurant or cafe will need to ensure the flooring has high anti-slip properties to prevent trips and falls if liquids such as oils and fats are dropped on the floor.

If you have corridors or high traffic areas, these will require flooring suitable for heavy usage that will be durable and anti-slip, and may also benefit from a flooring product that will help to reduce footfall noise.

Areas that may come into contact with water such as pools, spas, changing rooms and public toilets will require specialised safety flooring with maximum anti-slip properties.

How to tell if your flooring is in need of replacement

You may have a visit from a local authority environmental health officer who will raise concerns if the flooring is found to be unsuitable for the environment or a safety risk.

If your business is reporting a higher number of trips and falls in a certain area, this is a clear indication that your floorcovering is not suitable for the environment or the demand its put under.

Another sign that your flooring is deteriorating is when stains can no longer be removed or when odours start to become obvious. Odours can be caused as a result of dirt and particles getting lodged in the flooring or stuck between boards of laminate or wood floors.

Another issues is that over time, underlay will become compressed making the flooring less comfortable to walk or stand on. It will also be less effective in helping with noise reduction, so if you have received complaints from workers that the floor is uncomfortable to stand on for long periods, or sound is penetrating into other areas, the underlay is likely to be the issue.

Choosing a quality contractor

Once you decide to change your commercial flooring, you will want to find a flooring contractor who can supply a quality flooring product that is suited to your environment, and who has the expertise to deliver the perfect installation.
At Fineline Flooring, we build strong relationships with our customers, always offering imperial advice on the latest flooring products and trends.

Our wealth of knowledge has been proven in many of the sectors we work in. These include working with the NHS, private/public schools, hospitals, office buildings, MOD and retail flooring.

Specialising in commercial dilapidations, our installers provide a cost effective and efficient flooring survey and installation process on all types of contract flooring.

We meet all health and safety guidelines and are fully covered for commercial and employee’s liability insurance.

Our flooring installers are all CSCS registered, and monitored to the highest standards.

Would you like to know more about commercial flooring solutions?

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