Sports Flooring specialists in Hook Hampshire

In a busy environment such as a leisure centre, sports facility or health club, it can be difficult to keep flooring in tip-top condition.

That’s why we use only top-quality products that can withstand wear and tear and a heavy footfall.

Why special flooring is needed

The floor surface plays a crucial role in any sport. Not only should it be completely level and smooth, it also needs to be comfortable.

The wrong type of flooring in a sporting environment can put pressure on the muscles and joints. Whether it’s running, jumping, twisting or bending, the athletic motion required in most sports needs to be considered when installing flooring.

For example, a sprung floor will lessen the impact of athletic activity on the athlete’s back and joints.

Finding the ideal flooring

The type of flooring you require will depend on the activities taking place on your premises. Some rooms may be multi-functional, and more than one sport has to be taken into consideration.

Specifically designed tiles can be laid in halls used for indoor football, basketball, netball, tennis or badminton. These tiles provide the ideal surface for running and are non-slip, giving good traction.

Soft, non-toxic and hygienic tiles can be used for play and sports areas for children. These create a safe environment, where falls are cushioned, and the surface can be kept free of bacteria.

Temporary sports flooring

Many leisure centres, health clubs and sports facilities are used for social activities as well as sporting ones. However, portable flooring makes it easy to switch the function of the room from gym to dance hall.

Portable solid hardwood sports floors made of prefabricated lightweight panels can easily be assembled and disassembled. They can be covered with sports safety matting when a soft surface is needed for different activities.

Vinyl safety flooring for sports and leisure venues

Vinyl safety flooring is a popular choice for sports flooring as it’s versatile and safe. At FineLine Flooring, we offer a range of non-slip safety flooring from leading manufacturers, including Altro Flooring and Polyflor, because we know they comply with health and safety legislation.

For example, Polyflor is a leading international supplier of safety flooring. The Polysafe range includes sustainable slip resistance flooring that conforms to HSE Guidelines and EN 13845.

Because Polysafe safety vinyl has a patented construction with slip-resistant grains throughout the wear layer, it gives a durable surface that’s slip-resistant for the life of the flooring. This makes it a perfect choice for sporting venues.

Would you like advice on the latest sports flooring solutions?

If you need advice on sports flooring, our experienced team will be happy to help.

FineLine Flooring has extensive experience of supplying and installing specialist flooring into sporting premises and health clubs. We can uplift and dispose of your existing floor covering and advise if a surface membrane and smoothing compound is needed.

The next stage is to install the correct type of floor covering, and we can advise on the right product for your needs.

Our flooring installers are all CSCS registered and monitored to the highest standards. We meet all health and safety guidelines and are fully covered for commercial and employer’s liability insurance.

For any questions, or to receive a quote, please contact us on 01256 701569 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.