Vinyl Flooring Amtico

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is stylish, hardwearing – and in demand.

The reason it’s become so popular is that manufacturers have been using the latest technology to produce some stunning new products. Vinyl flooring has always been a hardwearing option, but now it’s being sought after for its realistic design.

Amazingly authentic designs

The latest luxury vinyl tile flooring can be made to look exactly like real wood or stone flooring. In fact, you can’t tell the difference between vinyl flooring and natural materials.

Vinyl is of a multi-layer construction and is tough enough to be used in the most demanding of environments. And because the design is printed onto the film layer, which has a clear wear-layer on top, it doesn’t fade as it’s protected against wear and tear.

Real stone or timber flooring is highly expensive and labour intensive to fit. With luxury vinyl flooring, you gain the aesthetic appeal of natural materials without the expense. Plus, vinyl flooring not only looks authentic, it feels genuine too, as wood grain effects are embossed into the product to give texture.

At FineLine Flooring, we provide luxury vinyl tile flooring in a range of colours, and we can customise it with patterns or artwork to complement your workplace.

Benefits of luxury vinyl tile flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is affordable, and because of its multi-layered construction, it’s exceptionally hardwearing. This makes it a highly cost-effective option, as does the fact that it’s easy to fit and will last an extremely long time.

A vital benefit is that it’s waterproof. Everyday spillages can be easily mopped up without affecting the tiles. If water does seep in between, tiles can simply be dried out in place or removed and put back when they’re dried out.

Another advantage is that luxury vinyl flooring is much warmer to walk on than real stone or wood, making rooms feel more comfortable and cosier. But one of the biggest benefits of vinyl is that it’s low maintenance.

Vinyl tile flooring is simple to maintain

To maintain vinyl flooring, all you need to do is give it a sweep or mop if it’s looking grubby - that’s it.

This is in contrast to hard floors such as wood and stone, which both require more complex cleaning methods as natural surfaces can be susceptible to staining and other damage. When wood or stone becomes stained or scratched, it can be difficult to clean or repair.

With vinyl tiles, their protective clear outer layer provides a barrier against scuffs and marks. Additional protective coatings can always be applied if required, but this is generally only needed if the tiles are in a particularly hardwearing environment.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring can be used in any commercial or domestic setting

Homeowners love vinyl floor tiles as they’re so stylish, durable and affordable.

But vinyl floor tiles are also extremely practical for use in commercial premises and public sector workplaces. Because they’re so hardwearing and easy to maintain they’re increasingly being used in hospitals, care homes, veterinary surgeries, schools, leisure centres and other establishments that have a high footfall.

Interested in luxury vinyl tile flooring for your home or business?

FineLine Flooring installs a range of vinyl flooring products including:

  • Altro Vinyl Flooring
  • Amtico Vinyl Flooring
  • Forbo Vinyl Flooring
  • Gerflor Vinyl Flooring
  • Karndean Vinyl Flooring
  • Polyflor Vinyl Flooring
  • Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

We can help you choose the flooring solution that’s right for you.

We’re highly experienced in working in the commercial and public service sectors including hospitality and entertainment, office and industrial, educational and government, plus healthcare.

From inception to completion, we meet all health and safety guidelines and are fully covered for commercial and employer’s liability insurance. All our flooring installers are CSCS registered and monitored to the highest standards.

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