Commercial safety flooring

It is imperative to have safe, slip-free flooring to ensure your workplace can operate at its optimum. Fine Line Flooring has a range of Safety Flooring options to suit your business’ best needs, whether you’re flooring the office, break room or bathroom, there’s something for you.

Our multiple flooring options maintain their practicality, without sacrificing aesthetic or comfort. Each of the leading five Commercial Safety flooring products that we install, have a range of different types of flooring suitable for any environment, and come in a selection of colours and patterns.

Commercial Safety flooring products we install:

  • Altro Safety Flooring: The greatest slip resistance when in contact with oil and grease, also brilliant for reducing slip risk on water.
  • Forbo Safety Flooring: An outstanding choice for both general and extreme areas.
  • Gerflor Safety Flooring: Excellent for high-traffic areas, and where there is a high likelihood of slipping.
  • Polyflor Safety Flooring: Well suited for wetter areas, with enhanced slip resistance for more substantial amounts of water.
  • Tarkett Safety Flooring: Extensive range suited to many different areas and environments.

Reception flooring

Hand sanitisation upon entering the office is now a part of everyday life, which presents its own issues when it comes to flooring. Hand gel spillages on the floor can be a serious slip hazard due to the gelatinous nature of the liquid, and constant use makes cleaning the floor after every application unfeasible. Having a slip-resistant floor greatly reduces the risk of slipping between cleans, and is an imperative step to avoid expensive legal fees.

Polysafe Vogue Ultra PUR – A brilliant choice for heavy traffic areas with risks of spillage from water or other liquids. Fully HSE compliant with - 36+ RRL Pendulum (wet test)
(Properties of Polysafe Vogue Ultra PUR)

Altro Pisces – Performs in both wet and dry conditions to reduce slip risk, as well as for gelatinous substances. Fully HSE compliant with R11 slip resistance
(Properties of Altro Pisces)

Tarkett Safetred Universal – Anti-slip grip prevents against slips and falls, with a reinforced surface protecting against stains. Also available in a vinyl tile format. Fully HSE compliant with R10 slip resistance
(Properties or Safetred Universal)

Office flooring

It can be difficult finding a flooring which is effective both practically and aesthetically, and some employers will sacrifice safety in favour of creating a work environment more pleasing to the eye.

Luckily, at Fine Line Flooring, we have a range of different textures and colours throughout the manufacturers of safety flooring we install. With over 100 designs across our brands, you shouldn’t struggle to find something perfect.

Gerflor Taralay Impression Control – 24 colourway options, including wood and design vinyl flooring, ideal for heavy traffic areas with improved slip resistance. Fully HSE compliant with R11 slip resistance
(Properties of Taralay Impression Control)

Forbo Surestep Safety Vinyl – With a range of design options, including wood and steel (with metallic shimmer), Forbo is the first of its kind to offer digital print floor design. Fully HSE compliant with R10-R12 slip resistance options
(Properties of Surestep Safety Vinyl)

Altro Suprema – With 40 different, non-sparkle shades, developed in consultation with colour consultants to offer complete design freedom. Fully HSE compliant with R10 slip resistance
(Properties of Altro Suprema)

Break room flooring

Our floors offer the highest level of comfort with inlaid particles, promising a cushioned commute between desk and drink station. After a long day’s work, accidents are bound to happen, and in a room where hot drinks are prepared throughout the day, spillages can occur, increasing the risk of slips if flooring does not meet HSE guidelines.

We have a history of fitting safety flooring for use in hospitality and commercial sectors, specialising in safe, slip-free flooring.

Tarkett Safetred Spectrum – Unique on the market tiles, combined with anti-slip properties. Fully HSE compliant with a reinforced surface for stain resistance
(Properties of Safetred Spectrum)

Altro Ensemble – Luxury vinyl tiles can be used to create a modular, colour block look. Fully HSE compliant with 15dB sound insulation
(Properties of Altro Ensemble)

Gerflor Tarasafe Ultra Comfort – Slip resistant flooring, constructed with inlaid mineral crystal particles to ensure maximum comfort. Fully HSE compliant with 16dB sound insulation
(Properties of Tarasafe Ultra Comfort)

Washroom flooring

One place guaranteed to experience water spillage is the washroom. Trips from the sinks to the soap dispensers, or forceful hand driers which send water cascading across the walls and floors, makes safe flooring in your office bathroom a priority.

We have a variety of types of flooring for areas to minimise the slip hazard presented.

Gerflor Tarasafe Ultra/GEO – Perfect for heavy traffic areas, specialising in slip-resistance, durability and hygiene. Fully HSE compliant with bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment
(Properties of Tarasafe Ultra/GEO)

Polysafe Astral PUR – Ideal for areas with risk of water spillage, such as washrooms or WCs. Fully HSE compliant with an A+ environmental rating
(Properties of Polysafe Astral PUR)

Tarkett Primo Safe T. – Excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, with easy cleaning and maintenance. Fully HSE compliant with Safety Clean XP surface treatment
(Properties of Primo Safe T )

Our safety floorings, from top of the range manufacturers, are hard wearing and effective, and can last for up to 25 years. This is an investment guaranteed to transform your workplace – both in its presentation and practicality.

Would you like to know more about safety and non-slip flooring solutions?

FineLine Flooring specialises in the supply and installation of safety flooring and non-slip flooring to commercial and industrial sectors covering Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

Our flooring installers are all CSCS registered and monitored to the highest standards. We meet all health and safety guidelines and are fully covered for commercial and employer’s liability insurance.

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