Commercial sports flooring

When choosing the right safety flooring for leisure facilities, you need to cater for many different environments.

While the sports hall will need a surface appropriate for intense aerobic activity, other areas of the leisure centre such as gyms, swimming pools and changing rooms will need safe non-slip flooring materials.

We work with leading safety flooring manufacturers to provide commercial flooring solutions to the leisure sector, giving our customers the perfect flooring for their facilities.

Sports halls

In a sports hall, you’ll require flooring that will reduce noise and the impact of falls.

We supply Tarkett flooring solutions designed specifically to suit every type of sporting activity, from basketball courts to yoga studios. Their flooring is manufactured to the highest industry standards and offers extreme durability and reduced maintenance requirements.

Tarkett’s specialist safety flooring range includes vinyl and linoleum as well as wood and sprung surfaces. The result is flooring that enhances athletic performance and is safe and comfortable.

Swimming pools

Safety flooring is vital in wet environments as it can reduce the number of slips and falls. To minimise risk near pools, you need a surface that has high slip-resistance to improve safety.

Another factor is cleanliness. Pool surrounds must be kept clean and free from wear and tear as this is an area health inspectors regularly visit.

Intense moisture coupled with the constant tread of bare feet can cause hygiene problems as well as safety issues. The specialist flooring products we use are designed to provide a safe, non-slip surface that can be kept bacteria-free, even in the wettest conditions.

Changing rooms

As well as poolside, changing rooms experience heavy footfall – and often, those feet will be bare. Therefore, the flooring needs to be hardwearing, non-slip and hygienic.

When showers are constantly in use, the floor is frequently wet, creating a high risk of slippage. Non-slip vinyl is a good choice in this setting. It’s robust enough to withstand heavy footfall but soft enough to be comfortable underfoot.

Another benefit of vinyl is that it’s hygienic and easy to clean. It offers a high degree of cushioning and noise reduction. Combined with rubber underlay, it can soften impact and reduce noise even more.

Receptions and communal areas

Receptions and welcome areas need flooring that’s durable but comfortable to walk on. Carpet tiles are a good choice as they’re soft underfoot, hardwearing, and non-slip.

Another advantage of carpet tiles is that they can be used as signage with different colours or patterns designating different zones. It’s a simple matter to lift and move carpet tiles to suit the surroundings.

Vinyl tiles are also popular in communal and staff areas as they’re easy to keep clean, water-resistant, and stylish. You have the choice of plain tiles or realistic wood and stone effect designs.

Plus, vinyl or carpet tiles give you the option of branding your flooring with your leisure centres logo or corporate colours.

Are you searching for safety flooring solutions for your leisure facilities?

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