Commercial Floor Cleaning Solutions

Many commercial business premises can be labour intensive to clean. And there’s also the problem of having wet floors when the building is occupied for much of the time.

Automated commercial floor cleaners offer a practical solution to this problem.

Automated cleaners versus mop and bucket

Automated machines save time as they can cover a large floor space in a short amount of time. They don’t require any vigorous physical effort. In fact, they’re much less physically arduous than having to clean a vast area with a mop and bucket.

Although a mop can reach those awkward to reach corners, manual cleaning with soapy water does pose the risk of having slippery wet floors when staff and customers are in the building.

On top of this, drenching flooring isn’t always the best way to clean it, and detergents can leave soapy patches that become slip hazards. Today’s vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned with just warm water. To create a germ-free environment, the type of sanitiser you use depends on your flooring material.

Automated cleaners have the advantage over a mop and bucket in that they can clean and dry almost instantly. And there are now compact models that can access even difficult to clean areas.

How frequently should you clean?

How often you clean flooring in commercial buildings is usually dependant on the type of flooring and how frequently the building is in use.

High traffic workplaces such as hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary surgeries, leisure centres, schools, colleges and universities have a constant footfall. Regular cleaning will eliminate germs and remove dirt, grime and scuff marks that build up.

Routine floor cleaning will enhance the appearance of your premises and save on wear and tear. And if you run a business that has high traffic areas, you should regularly inspect your flooring to ensure there are no potential hazards.

Benefits of commercial cleaning machines

Commercial floor cleaners are easy to manoeuvre. They just require the user to push the machine along. Some robot cleaners now have a touchscreen design. No special training is needed; the user can simply operate the cleaner by tapping on the screen.

Rather than leaving wet patches in certain areas, the machine gives floors a clean, dry and uniform streak-free finish. Of course, the main benefit of any automation is increased productivity. You save hours of manual labour.

Although initial investment is required when purchasing an automated cleaning solution, the machines are hardwearing and last for years. They should pay for themselves in a short period of time.

Environmentally friendly commercial floor cleaners

The latest models of automated floor cleaners have shown themselves to be more environmentally friendly than mop and bucket as they require less water and detergent.

The overuse of detergent can be a problem, creating harmful toxins in the air. To counter this, there’s now a new range of cleaners that use a salt-based, chemical-free process. Water passes through a system that gives it an electrical charge to create a solution that can clean and sanitise surfaces, leaving them 99% germ-free.

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