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We all take flooring for granted. But when it comes to first impressions, your floor covering has a bigger impact than you think.

It may be an unconscious reaction, but even a quick glance around will register whether a building is clean, tidy and professional in appearance. Because of this, you should consider replacing your commercial flooring before it starts to reflect badly on your company.

Signs your flooring needs replacing

Does your flooring have stains on it that can’t be removed by cleaning? Then it’s time to start thinking about replacing it.

Although your floors may have been cleaned, stains and discoloured areas will make a poor first impression on visitors. It will suggest a basic lack of care is taken over your company’s professional image.

Even worse, is when your flooring starts to give off an odour. This could be due to damp, bacteria forming or mould and mildew growth. Whatever the cause, it’s extremely off-putting to both staff and clients.

If the flooring feels different underfoot, that could be a sign that it needs changing. For instance, the underlay beneath carpets and laminate flooring can start to lose its padding. This can cause the floor to become harder to walk on. You’ll also lose some of the floor’s soundproofing and insulation properties.

Check for potential trip hazards

Worn underlay can make the floor uneven, which then becomes a trip hazard.

Other potential hazards include cracked or broken ceramic floor tiles, frayed carpets, splits in vinyl flooring and loose carpet tiles. In commercial premises with heavy footfalls, you must immediately remedy any faults in floor surfaces that could result in slips or trips.

Failure to replace hazardous flooring could lead your business to fall foul of health and safety regulations. You also run the risk of being sued in the event of an accident. According to the Health and Safety Executive, tripping and slipping are the most common causes of major injury in UK workplaces.

Is your current flooring out of date?

As well as all the practical reasons for replacing flooring that’s suffering from wear and tear, there’s also the matter of image.

First impressions count. During that initial visual scan of your offices, visitors register the style of décor, plus overall cleanliness and appearance. If you’re a modern company, you don’t want to present an outdated image. Old carpet tiles or linoleum can make you appear dated and stale.

Is it time to freshen up your image?

By giving your flooring a makeover, you can improve the look of your organisation and present a more professional image. You could even decide to include corporate branding on your carpets or vinyl flooring to reinforce your company name or logo.

Consistency in flooring throughout the building is a good way to reflect efficiency. Rather than having a mix of different flooring throughout the premises, you should have a universal flooring solution that defines your image and professionalism.

Give your business a flooring makeover

We can help you find a flooring solution that’s right for your organisation. We’re highly experienced in working in the commercial and public service sectors including hospitality and entertainment, office and industrial, educational and government, plus healthcare.

From inception to completion, we meet all health and safety guidelines and are fully covered for commercial and employer’s liability insurance. All our flooring installers are CSCS registered and monitored to the highest standards.

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