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Welcome your staff back to a bright and vibrant office space when restrictions ease

Bright office flooring

Is now the perfect time to replace your office flooring? Like many businesses across the country, lockdown restrictions may have impacted on the way you operate.

If your office is currently empty, or on a skeleton staff with others working from home, why not take this opportunity to upgrade your flooring? When your staff return, they’ll come back to the welcome sight of a bright and vibrant office space.

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Does Your Commercial Flooring Comply With H&S Legislation?

Commercial safety flooring guidelines

The most important feature of flooring is that it is safe to navigate across – slip and obstruction free, with no splits, gaps or holes. To ensure that your commercial flooring is delivering the best performance possible, it needs to comply with the Government’s Health and Safety Legislation.

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Make your office flooring a safer surface to walk on

commercial safety flooring

It is imperative to have safe, slip-free flooring to ensure your workplace can operate at its optimum. Fine Line Flooring has a range of Safety Flooring options to suit your business’ best needs, whether you’re flooring the office, break room or bathroom, there’s something for you.

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