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Safety Vinyl Flooring Hampshire

Altro Flooring Installers in Hampshire - creating a safer working environment

FineLine Flooring specialise in the supply and installation of safety vinyl flooring and non-slip flooring to commercial and industrial sectors covering Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

Installing safety flooring maintains a healthy and safe working environment for education, leisure and health sectors, industry, care homes, nursing homes, veterinary surgeries or where there is a demanding environment.

Injury from slips on wet floors in commercial, leisure and industrial environments can be avoided by using the appropriate safety flooring product such as non-slip flooring.

We offer a range of non-slip flooring from leading brands such as Altro Flooring and Polyflor.

Safety flooring comes in the form of vinyl sheet. A wide range of colours and finishes are available from a range of FineLine Flooring suppliers.

We install the following Safety flooring products: