Nora Commercial Rubber Flooring

nora commercial rubber flooring

Nora is a world market leader for commercial rubber floors. Made in Germany, Nora rubber floorcoverings are ideal flooring solutions with precise functional properties needed for a room, from classrooms to meeting rooms, retail and public areas to stairwells, laboratories and operating theatres.

Rubber flooring provides additional benefits that will have a positive effect on the overall performance of a building. Whether it is a question of acoustics or ergonomics, Nora Systems guarantee the newest installation technologies are used in all rubber floorcovering, and colour is used to create environments that promote healing or concentration.

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What are the main features of nora rubber flooring?

Nora rubber flooring is environmentally friendly and health compatible.

This commercial rubber flooring is made of high quality natural and industrial rubbers. The rubbers are mixed with minerals from natural sources and other components, such as environmentally friendly compatible colour pigments, pulled into blanks, pressed and then vulvanized under heat and high pressure.

All nora rubber floorcoverings are free of PVC, plasticisers and halogenes and they do not impact the indoor air thanks to a very low emission. Nora rubber flooring is also fire retardant according to EN 13 501.

Being extremely hard wearing and very durable, nora rubber flooring has maximum wear resistance, making it ideal in heavy traffic areas. It also has a maximum compressive strength (up to 6 N/mm2) and a particularly low indentation behaviour making it comfortable and warm to walk and stand on. It has slip-resistant properties and impacts sound reduction up to 20 db, significantly reducing footfall sound.

Nora rubber flooring is available in tiles or sheet rolls with a great many designs and colours for virtually unlimited design potential.

The nora commercial rubber flooring range:

  • Norament 926/825 – Timeless style and lasting performance, this rubber flooring is ideal for extremely heavy traffic areas, with classical round pastille, one-coloured.
  • Norament 926 grano – a premium rubber flooring that elevates interiors with unparalleled durability and versatile design. A timeless stone aesthetic in a palette of over 30 colours.
  • Norament 926 satura – build on a palette of elegant neutrals and vibrant accents for high-performance surfaces that make a lasting impression. Ideal for very heavy usage and has very high footfall sound absorption.
  • Norament 926 arago – Flat, direction-orientated relief structure with fine granules and modern marbling design for maximum demands. No two tiles are the same, each square meter is totally unique. This flooring brings a raw, timeless beauty to the design of your shared spaces.
  • Noraplan Iona – rubber flooring in a filigree design with contrasting colours and accents. Silk-matte surface with subtle texture and visual depth. Iona brings every room to life with the energy of an artist’s studio, creating workspaces that excite and engage the senses.
  • Noraplan Sentica – An inspired palette of 38 rich shades and accents creating a balance of mood and design at every level, supported by high performance that offers long lasting comfort.
  • Noraplan Signa – Connect to the calm of every indoor space through the adaptable, multipurpose design of Noraplan Signa. A tranquil selection of colours which will compose a truly versatile and unique solution for your facility.
  • Noraplan Uni – embrace the possibilities of an open space. A long standing design favourite for its simplicity, versatility and long lasting performance. Ideal as a stand-alone solution for both open spaces and smaller rooms.
  • Noraplan Eco – Key features include durability, slip resistance, sound absorption and ease of maintenance. Refined to deliver on the everyday needs of your working environments with exceptional, cost-effective performance without sacrificing on quality.
  • Noraplan Ultra Grip – An innovative flooring solution infused with the strength of granite, delivers incredible slip resistance in a range of distinct shades, resulting in an aesthetic design and unparalleled safety.

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